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Course Overview

Important course details / FAQ's

What is the birth academy?

Artemis Birth Attendant Academy provides an extensisve one year training programme to become a certified birth attendant. This is not a midwifery course, you will learn traditional birth keeping skills as a non clinical practitioner.

Is this a recognised qualification?

This course is certified by our own governing body and operates independently from mainstream regulating bodies and guidelines. Our approach is centered around women and informed by native & traditional practices.

We operate outside the mainstream maternity system so if you are looking for a course that is approved by governing bodies, this may not be for you. The validity of our certification process is based on the weight of our integrity, course content and outstanding statistics of birth outcomes from those we train who serve these families. 

Do I have to have previous experience/ qualifications? 

Although a basic understanding of biology and anatomy will be useful, we do not ask for any formal qualifications to apply nor do you need experience. Just having a passion to want to empower and support women in childbirth is all that’s required.  We do not teach clinical care so a medical background is unnecessary. In fact, we ask those with a medical background to forget their medical approach to childbirth in order to get the most out of this course. We don’t want to train everyone, only the right people, which is why you must apply to be accepted on this course.

Can anyone enrol?

In short no. Anyone can apply, but as mentioned above, we are looking for the right candidates who align with our ethos. We want those who possess what it takes to join the childbirth revolution. Our mission is to provide women and families with the best support tailored to their needs. This is a transformational course, not transactional. 

I’m already a midwife, is this course right for me?

If you feel disillusioned and restricted by the care you are currently able to provide as a midwife working within the medicalised system, this course is the transition you have been waiting for.  If you want to work ‘with woman’ rather than ‘with sytetm’ and have always wanted to practice truly autonomous care, then this is for you!

When and where is the course?

The course officially launches in September 2023. It is a distance learning course so you can work at your own pace. Simply login and work through the modules.  There will be monthly live zoom webinars to give students the opportunity to ask questions and meet one another. You will have the opportunity to attend an in person training course run over two days. These courses are run twice per year and will give you the opportunity to meet fellow students and gain confidence in your practice. 

If you want to enrol after September that is absolutely fine, all the zoom sessions will be recorded so you can catch up with your fellow students!

After you have applied for the course and have been accepted you will be directed to the course enrolment process where you will find the course area to begin.

How long is the course?

The course is a year long (52 modules) but all candidates will have upto two years to complete it. We understand everyone will have varying availability so please take your time to complete this course. 

As well as the 52 modules you will be expected to take time for personal study and conduct your own research alongside the course content. We ask all of our candidates to keep themselves updated with maternity care research. 

Course fees

The total course fee is £4000

There is a 10% discount for course fees paid all at once. There are payment plans available to suit every budget. You can spread the cost over 12-24 months with flexible deposit options.

Please see the ‘price’ section for payment plan and scholorship options.

Contact us to discuss and payment plans to meet your needs. 

Course modules

As previously explained, there are 52 modules. When you have logged into the course area you may begin. You must complete each module in order to access the next one. This includes a quiz in order to graduate to the next. Once you have completed a module you will continue to have access to it so that you can come back to it whenever you need to. All modules will have access & guidance to additional learning. The course offers multiple pathways to optimise your learning interests.

Alongside the course modules you will have a work book. This can be used to reflect  upon your knowledge and build a personal portfolio of your learning. 

birth attendant course overview
birth keeper training

Course Content 

Here you will find all of our course modules. They are separated into trimesters! Remember if you have any further questions before applying please get in touch with us.

first trimester pregnancy test

Trimester One

Welcome to Artemis


Signs of pregnancy

History of the birth attendant

The law & midwifery

Maternal death

Birth choices


Birth trauma

3 step rewind

Risk assessment

Early pregnancy

Antenatal care

Common disorders in pregnancy

Physiological changes in pregnancy

Conditions affecting pregnancy

Stages of pregnancy

Fetal development

second trimester

Trimester Two



Brewers diet

Carnivore diet

Nutrition in pregnancy

Chiropractic care

Aromatherapy. Herbs & tinctures

Rebozo. Closing the bones ceremony

Acupressure. Acupuncture. Meditation

Others alternatives


Native & alternative practices

third trimester

Trimester Three

Fetal presentation. Belly mapping. Fetal skull.

Role of oxytocin

Induction of labour. Natural methods

Birth environment

Signs of labour. Stages of labour

Birth physiology

Mechanisms of labour

Medical interventions

The placenta

Pain management

Natural methods

Medical pain relief

Uterine inertia

Variations of normal


forth trimester

Trimester Four

Obstetric emergencies. Role of a birth attendant

Vaginal tearing

Baby at birth

Postnatal care

Infant feeding

Vaccinations & screening

FGM. Circumcision

Still birth & baby loss awareness

Managing grief

Free birthing

Baby care

Postnatal support

The fourth trimester



Bonus Modules

    Becoming the best version of you

    Marketing your new business

    Birth sabotage

    Completion of training


    Moving forward


    Why Choose Us?

    Why our course stands out.

    The problem and our solution

    The over medicalised model of childbirth often prioritises the use of medical interventions and technology, rather than natural and physiological birth. This can lead to unnecessary medical interventions, including induction of labour, episiotomies, and caesarean sections. These interventions can have both physical and emotional consequences for the mother and baby, such as increased risk of infection, longer recovery times, and lower breastfeeding rates. Not to mention the emotional knock on effect for the entire family after a traumatic birth.

    In comparison, a natural birth attendant focuses on facilitating and supporting normal, physiological birth without unnecessary interventions. This approach acknowledges the innate ability of women to birth their babies and provides them with the necessary support, information, and resources to do so. This approach can lead to better outcomes for both the mother and baby, including shorter labour times, fewer medical interventions, and higher rates of breastfeeding and better mental health. This will subsequently help the entire family with a ripple effect of love and feelings of safety and trust.

    As maternity care is changing, more women are seeking autonomy over their bodies and a more woman-centred approach to care. This means that there is a growing demand for natural birth attendants who can provide women with the care and support they need to have a positive birth experience both inside and outside of the system. By taking a natural birth attendant course, practitioners can develop the skills and knowledge necessary to meet this demand and provide women with the care they need to have a safe and empowering birth experience.

    Exceptional is our expectation 
    Our birth attendant course stands out among other courses because we offer a comprehensive program that goes beyond just training you and leaving you to fend for yourself. We believe that birth work is a lifelong journey, and we are here to support you every step of the way.

    One of the unique features of our course is that we offer a monthly zoom meet up that creates a strong sense of community among our graduates long after you complete the course. You get to join a wider network of birth workers, and this provides you with a supportive platform to share experiences and challenges. You will have 24.7 peer support through Whatsapp and Telegram. 

    We also provide free directory listings at When Push Comes To Shove (the world renowned alternative maternity structure) which can help you acquire work and build your business. Unlike other courses, we cover a wide range of topics that are not typically included in birth attendant training, such as cranial osteopathy, FGM, closing the bones, and homeopathy and natural medicine. This extensive content is an exceptional value, as you get to learn various skills and techniques that can enhance your practice.

    Another unique aspect of our course is that we arm you with practical tools to make a success of your self-employed career. We provide training in SEO, marketing, and how to run a business, which are essential skills for any self-employed birth worker.

    Finally, our course is grounded in the key component of spiritual and self-development. We believe that you cannot support women at the most sacred time of their lives if you are not the best version of yourself. Practicing being in the present moment is crucial, and we offer tools and techniques to help you know yourself, know birth, grow, and blossom.

    If you are offered clients directly through us, you will be asked to donate 10% of your fee to the When Push Comes To Shove Access Fund. This ensures we always have enough money to provide low income families with free care that they would otherwise not have access to. We will be able to pay your fee if you are chosen to support such families with these funds.
    There really is no other course like this. This is a movement, a community and revoultion. Join us!
    powerful woman
    women together
    women power

    The Song To Empower Women 

    Breathe Again – Nickita 

    Guest Speakers

    We are excited to introduce some of the increible guest speakers on this course. From notable midwives, medical ethics specialists to marketing specialists, we have some of the most notable speakers out there who are more than qualified to teach on our course.

    Nicky Adolphe

    Irene Garzon

    Sophie Messager 

    Jaclyn Dunne

    Phil Escott

    Laura Shanley

    Mark Attwood

    Alison Shaloe

    Course Fees

    For candidates applying outside of the UK contact us for payment information and payment plan details.

    Payment will be based on the currency conversion rate on day of purchase.

    online doula training


    The total cost of the course is £4000 but if you pay in full you will save £400 taking the cost down to £3600!

    We do offer payment plans too, so please get in touch to work out a budget that suits your needs.

    Please email to find out more information about our affordable payment plans.


    As we want to this course to be affordable for as many indivduals as possible, we do offer a part-scholarship. Please email us to apply.

    Application Process

    As previously stated, our intention is to train those who are best suited to serve in the sacred calling of birth work. It is a profound privilege to answer the call and dedicate oneself to serving others through love. Our birth workers possess a deep understanding of the importance of living from a place of love, rather than fear, and they are committed to a women-centered approach to care. Their exceptional outcomes reflect their level of knowledge and understanding, as well as their willingness to engage in ongoing spiritual and emotional growth. It is essential for birth workers to regularly take time for self-reflection and to stay grounded in the present moment, free from judgement of others. Our aim is to ensure that our candidates possess the necessary capabilities to pursue this path of constant personal growth. We acknowledge that we are all on a journey of learning and growth, and recognising this is an important first step.

    If you feel unprepared to take on an extensive course that not only instructs on childbirth but also serves as a remarkable means for personal growth, you can register for a When Push Comes To Shove doula course as a gateway to this program


    apply for the birth attendant course

    How To Apply

    You can apply for the course in one of two ways. Please see below for more details.

    1) Join Our Free Webinar

    Sign up to our free webinar.  This very informal webinar enables you to ask questions and we can discuss the course in detail. This webinar will also teach you a few things about birth that may not know! This is an amazing educational opportunity aswell as introduction to the course.

    call us

    2) Book a 1-1

    If you do not have time to attend the webinar you can always book a consultation with us. Either book a call or zoom chat!

    Email us

    or call us

    0333 3211 472



    Once you know you are ready to join the childbirth revolution simply enrol on our incredible course!

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