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Angela Chamberlain

Angela Chamberlain is an award winning midwife, teacher, entrepreneur, mother and birth activist.

Angela left the maternity system to practice autonomous care as a birth keeper after training with When Push Comes To Shove.

Angela has since dedicated herself to delivering exceptional care to women who, under normal circumstances, would be classified as “high risk” and would typically not have a say in the care they receive. Unfortunately, many women are subjected to maternity care that is centered around the system, rather than their own needs and preferences. In contrast, Angela prioritises empowering women by helping them make informed choices based on the latest research.

In her current role, Angela provides unwavering support to women throughout their pregnancy journey, tailoring her care to meet their unique circumstances. By incorporating the latest evidence-based practices into her care, she ensures that her clients receive the best possible care.

Rather than imposing her views on women, Angela encourages them to take an active role in their care by providing them with the knowledge and tools they need to make informed decisions. She recognises that every woman is different and takes the time to understand their individual needs and preferences, providing personalised care that is centered around each woman’s goals.

Angela is also a guest lecturer at Birmingham City University and sits on the expert validation panel for the Midwifery Diploma Course. She plays an active part in shaping the future of maternity care.

Angela was awarded ‘Best Midwife Award’ at the Who Cares Wins awards in 2021.


Nickita Starck

Nickita Starck, co founder of Artemis Academy is also founder of When Push Comes To Shove – the fastest growing alternative maternity structure in the world.

Nickita founded When Push Comes To Shove in 2021 when independent midwives in the UK lost their insurance to practice. This was the last hope for women to have autonomy over their birth.

Nickita is also a singer/songwriter and released the song ‘Breathe Again’ to spread awareness of informed consent in childbirth and her organisation.

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Since establishing the organisation Nickita has developed a worldwide network of natural birth practitioners who facilitate non clinical birth.

The message of the movement is simple. Informed consent. Women should give birth in the setting of their choice after making an informed decision. Never to be coerced one way or the other.

Nickita teaches birth physiology to doctors, midwives, doulas and parents to be. WPCTS even has an access fund for low income families. No family should be denied care. We rely heavily on generous donations.

Nickita has been greatly supported in her efforts by people within the truth movement such as; Jaclyn Dunne, Fiona Rose Diamond, The World Doctor’s alliance, Maajid Nawaz, NOTONTHEBEEB, The Children’s health defence and Dr Sherri Tenpenny.

To date, Nickita has trained 130 doulas, midwives and doctors and her birth keeper directory spans 8 countries with over 140 practitioners. She also specialises in human rights in childbirth helping families to navigate a very complicated system.

Nickita & Angela have now joined forces to offer the most exceptional birth training out there.

About Artemis Academy

The Course that will change the world

Mainstream maternity services are currently overwhelmed, leading to inadequate care and often traumatic experiences for mothers and families. As experienced birth practitioners, our course leaders understand the negative outcomes of poor birth experiences, such as preventable birth trauma, and aim to reduce this by offering support to fill the gaps in care not provided by mainstream services.

Studies show that continuity of care improves outcomes for mothers and babies by reducing the need for medical intervention. However, most care models cannot provide this level of support. Artemis Academy aims to train individuals to offer support that is often lacking in mainstream services, allowing women and families to make informed choices about their care and feel heard and understood. Our goal is to provide support both within and outside the mainstream system. We believe that birth is a natural process that may occasionally require medical intervention, not the other way around.

Our birth keeping course offers ongoing mentorship and support to all students, enabling them to provide support for natural birth and establish a successful business.

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