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Are you a passionate advocate for birthing experiences that honor the sacred journey of childbirth?

Do you dream of providing holistic and empowering maternity care without the constraints of a clinical system?

If you’ve ever felt drawn to a path of nurturing, compassionate birth support that empowers women and honors their choices, then this is your invitation to discover the alternative to traditional midwifery.

Serve the women, not the system birth webinar

Introducing Our Free Webinar and Training Session

We believe that birth care should be about women, not systems. Our free webinar and training session offer you an opportunity to step into a world of holistic maternity care, where the focus is on empowering women, nurturing their well-being, and creating transformative birthing experiences. Join us as we explore the revolutionary concept of becoming a Birth Keeper—a role that allows you to provide comprehensive support, education, and guidance to women during their birthing journeys.

What You’ll Experience:

Free Webinar

Our introductory webinar will unveil the essence of Birth Keeping, an approach that places autonomy and holistic care at the heart of birthing experiences. Learn about the transformative power of holistic maternity care and the difference you can make in women’s lives.

Interactive Training

Dive deeper into the world of birth care through our interactive training session. Discover insights about birth environments, pain management, cultural awareness, and more—topics that offer a fresh perspective on birthing support.

Empowering Conversations

Engage with like-minded individuals who share your passion for birthing autonomy. Connect with us, ask questions, and be part of a community that values women-centered care.

Why choose Birth Keeping?

Have you ever felt frustrated by the over-medicalisation of the traditional midwifery path? Are you eager to work directly with women and provide non-clinical, holistic support that aligns with their values? Birth Keeping offers you the alternative you’ve been seeking—an opportunity to empower women, contribute to meaningful birth experiences, and bring transformative change to the birthing world.

Who should attend?

Healthcare pRofessionals seeking holistic Maternity care

Aspiring Birth Keepers

Individuals passionate about empowering women’s birth choices

Ready to transform Birth care?

Join us in this free webinar and training session to uncover the power of Birth Keeping. Discover how you can equip yourself with the education, skills, and tools needed to run your own business as a Birth Keeper—a role that empowers you to change the world one birth at a time.

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Empower yourself. Empower women. Together, let’s pave the way for holistic birth care that transforms lives and births a brighter future.

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