Why is it that we have screwed up the birth process and everything for that matter? Why have we turned this beautiful, natural process into a pale and angst ridden procedure of artificial promises, directed by a handful of angst ridden ‘experts’ (we call the system).

Most of us seem to hail these so-called experts as rulers just because they have gathered so much worldly wealth. They, and even we believe it is their deserved right. We have handed over our divine right to autonomy in birth. We have grown to believe that birth is inherently dangerous. We no longer seem to understand that birth is a natural process that occasionally needs medical intervention. We believe that birth is a medical intervention that happens naturally if we are lucky. Why?

I’ll tell you why. It’s because we have forgotten who we are.
It is because we have turned away from our feminine intuition and deep wisdom. Remember, intelligence occurs in the mind, wisdom occurs from within. We make decisions from fear, not love. Then we wonder why things ‘go wrong’.


Where does it come from? To me, it is the ultimate multidimensional consciousness and loving intelligence that creates everything. Some may call it God. It is the loving force that enables just a few cells to turn into a foetus without any effort on your part. You did not stop to think ‘how do I now grow the baby’s kidneys?” No, it just happens. Just as birth will unfold in the same way if undisturbed.

So know this. You already have the ability to birth without fear. Are you going to let your fear get in the way, or are you going to educate yourself to eliminate fear and subsequently step into trust?

It is through neglecting to remember who we are, that this world is on such a fearful vibration as we speak. Fear only breeds more fear and subsequently manifests more scenarios to mirror that fear. When we make decisions from fear, the end result will always be the same. Just look at the last time you did this. What happens if we make decisions from love?

Love is the only thing that exists, everything else is created inside our ego. The ego that whispers at the back of the mind, constantly, like an annoying hum from a broken fridge that we just can’t seem to ignore. You must realise that you are the light. You are the candle that angst ridden people will try to blow out. So what do we do when we enter a dark room? Do we kick and scream, complain we are scared, or kick and punch the dark? No? If we have any sense, we switch on a light. Be the light.


So why am I mentioning this with regards to birth?
Everything starts at birth! Everything! Just one word for you. Oxytocin.

If you are unfamiliar with oxytocin, in short, it is the hormone of love. We release it when we make our babies and we release it during birth. Just as our experience of sex will be compromised if the environment is not correct, the same happens during birth. If your body is not surging with this hormone, each event will be impacted. They can both be painful, unpleasant and even traumatising. Sadly the latter is very COMMON, but know that it is NOT normal.

I am sure you have all heard of a traumatic birth story or very likely experienced one yourself. The likelihood is that you have been led to believe that your body has failed you, and that the cascade of intervention was necessary because of “your faulty body”.

Well, please just take a moment to consider, did your body really fail you, or was it your care?

You may even believe that birth is “dangerous”, because women used to die “all the time” during birth. Let’s look at why. The three main reasons are:

1.Poverty – Disease can spread like wildfire in an overcrowded environment, and bad nutrition on top of that. Yes we can expect problems.

2.Genuine medical conditions – this is becoming more common due to modern lifestyle factors.

3.Over medicalisation of birth – the number one reason for birth to go wrong in my experience.


We are told we need to be induced because we are ‘overdue’ (another ridiculous notion, created by one person that we still use today without any evidence of it being important).

When we use a drug to induce labour (*often Syntocinon or Pitocin) our body is blasted with unnatural contractions that are very close together, stronger and more painful.

It is worth remembering that any drug will have the same effect ultimately, after all a drug that has no side effects is NOT a drug.

These longer, stronger contractions prompt us to ask for another drug which is often an epidural. Did you know an epidural is actually made partly from fentanyl? This numbs us from the waist down, rendering us on our back, not being able to move. In turn, this slows our labour down. So we are given more drugs to speed it up – and so it goes on. By this point the unnatural contractions are starting to compromise oxygen flow to our baby, causing them to go into distress. Then, we need an emergency c-section or instrumental delivery to save our baby. This was all facilitated at the hands of a system obsessed with ticking boxes and having no understanding of individualised care. Had that cascade of intervention not started, would our babies have even needed to be saved?

This is just one example of the common trauma women are put through simply because we have forgotten who we are.


If someone walked in on you while you were making your baby, demanding you hurry up, telling you that your body will fail you, turning on the lights, bringing in beepy machines and touching you like it’s their right just because they are wearing scrubs, do you think your body would be able to reform to its relaxed state? I think not. It will think: ‘It’s not safe to give birth, so stop” Thank your body for it’s wisdom and listen to it! They would have to give you drugs to artificially finish the job!

We have actually come to accept vaginal exams as normal! Just ask yourself for a second, why are they necessary? Who is it for? Is your cervix a clairvoyant? Will it tell your birth practitioner when you are going to give birth? No! It only gives a glimpse into where you are in that very moment! Your cervix can go from 5-10cm in hours or even 5 minutes, so why do we accept this as normal? Did you know your cervix can even close back up because of a vaginal exam. Your body is a finely tuned organism of perfection and will respond accordingly.



The days of the system wanting to control us are coming to an end. Everywhere, where Remember the tyrannical people have ruled and past and the future attempted full control over the people they ALWAYS end up losing control of themselves.
Those who are trying to sell you artificial means of control, or any our ego (thoughts). quick fix, which will only distance you from your higher self and feminine wisdom, haven’t got a single clue what a human being
is. Human being is the critical term here.

During childbirth, you must be the epitome of a human being. Not a human doing!

do not exist, they only exist within

Watch an animal giving birth. You will notice they do not suffer with post partum haemorrhages like we do, nor are they in constant need of emergency c – sections. Why not? Animals for the most part do not suffer with metacognition. Or in other words, they are not aware that they are aware. They are not panicking, thinking “how long is this going to take?” or “I’m not dilating fast enough!’. No they are in the present moment and unencumbered by ego. Animals do not give birth in environments not conducive to a physiological process. If they did, they would experience the same problems as we do!


Think about it. When we release adrenaline, all that lovely, rich, oxygenated blood needed to facilitate labour in our uterus, rushes straight to your extremities ready to fight or flee. Adrenaline tells the body to stop releasing oxytocin. Therefore our labour will slow down or stop! No surprises there, our bodies are so beautifully designed so that if danger is sensed, our bodies are told to stop the birth process as it is not safe to give birth in that moment.

So what has this got to do with you? Why am I telling you all this?

**The chances are, if you are reading this, you are already on a path to higher vibrations. You are likely questioning everything about the system and realise we are being sabotaged.

I am sure you are already aware of the financial incentive to big pharma and our entire medical model of care. Birth is no different, in fact, it makes a shit tonne of money for big pharma and our ‘free’ maternity system is not what it seems.

I would ask you to look up the new National Tariff payment system if you really want to get a closer look into why it benefits the system when our pregnancies are ‘high risk’. Did you know that the Care Commissioners Group pays the NHS nearly £4000 for every emergency c- section?


Acknowledge the wrong doings around us yes, but don’t be consumed by it, you will only feed the beast.

I know this is hard to do, as the monkey brain will always get hold of us and tell us to live from fear. Take a deep breath, and find that divine feminine wisdom within you, who lives from love, and takes action from love. Yes this exterior noise will be there from others, but you can transcend this noise and shine your light.

When you begin to do this, there WILL be a ripple effect onto your children and others around you. They may not understand intellectually what is happening but it will manifest one way or another. I promise you that.

As you have clicked on this link, I assume you have some interest in birth.

Maybe you are expecting, maybe you want to be a birth worker, already a birth worker, or maybe you have a birth obsession, just like me! I have been a natural birth practitioner for 14 years. I teach parents, doctors, midwives, doulas and anyone who wants to learn about the divinity of birth.

I educate on your rights in birth and how to navigate the system. I teach traditional birth attendant skills and natural practice to avoid unnecessary medical intervention. I understand that dis-ease manifests when the mind, body and soul are not aligned. I have helped thousands of women to achieve the birth they want and I continue to train others to do what I do.


Did you know for example: If a woman starts to bleed heavily after birth, the chances are that she has a full bladder?

This could simply be prevented by education. Listening to your body throughout labour, sipping on a drink and emptying your bladder frequently. Not forced pushing and being put on your back in the most ridiculous position not conducive to an easy delivery.

Did you know that a piece of the placenta in your mouth can help to stop bleeding due to all the incredible natural properties and stem cells the placenta has?

This is just one of many alternative methods I use so that the body can heal itself. The number one being prevention is better than cure.


The world is changing and we need awakened souls like YOU to help birth this new earth, to stay away from fear and bring light to the world.

I am not against medical intervention by any stretch of the imagination. It saved me when I broke my back in 2007. I am however against systemic sabotage of birth where over medicalisation causes more harm than good. I do not wish to tell anyone how and where to give birth, only to give them choice and responsibility. Empowerment is key.