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Gestational diabetes – Surprising Information You Probably didn’t know

By |2023-08-02T22:11:38+01:00August 2, 2023|Spiritual Midwifery, Holsitic Pregnancy|

Gestational diabetes - What is it, how are we testing for it and are these tests accurate? Before we look at the ins and outs of gestational diabetes, let’s first examine what [...]

5 Powerful Remedies To Overcome Morning Sickness

By |2023-08-02T21:30:37+01:00August 2, 2023|morning sickness, pregnancy nutrition|

Five Powerful Remedies To Overcome Morning Sickness - Why does it occur and what you can do it prevent it? Throughout history, pregnant women have likely experienced morning sickness, a phenomenon marked [...]

Understanding Placental Abruption – Why does it happen?

By |2023-08-02T21:04:16+01:00August 2, 2023|Natural Childbirth, Obstetric emergencies, Spiritual Midwifery|

Placental abruption not caused by trauma is typically a result of blood clotting in the maternal blood pool located behind the placenta. This clotting is usually due to inadequate blood volume, which [...]

10 Spiritual Signs That A Career In Childbirth Is Your Calling

By |2023-06-28T18:52:30+01:00June 28, 2023|Spiritual Midwifery|

Is Birth Your Calling? Do you find yourself persistently preoccupied with the idea of supporting women during pregnancy and childbirth? Is this a sentiment that lingers in your mind, despite your efforts [...]


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